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Switch Statements Won't Fix Yandere Simulator

by Joseph Mellor

Yandere Simulator's overuse of if statements is a problem, but switch statements aren't the solution.

Basic Data Visualization in Python

by Joseph Mellor

In this tutorial, you will go from knowing nothing about python to writing a program to test a hypothesis.

Making Sense of C

by Joseph Mellor

A tutorial for the C programming language from the ground up.

The Memory Hierarchy

by Joseph Mellor

Picking the best algorithm for the task will make your code run fast. Using memory properly will make it even faster.

Setting Up a VirtualBox VM With a Shared Folder and Clipboard

by Nikita Zdvijkov

Running Linux on Windows has never been easier!

Representing Integers in Binary

by Joseph Mellor

Getting close to the metal in this article.

How to Make a Command on Linux or Mac

by Joseph Mellor

What is your computer doing when you type a command in the terminal?